Noa Store Permanent Windshield Mount Compatible with Cobra Radar Detector Good for Most 9-17 Model

  • New Radar Detector Permanent Windshield Mount Good For Most 9-17 Model Compatible with COBRA
  • This mount is very easy to install. Just clean the area on windshield with rubbing alcohol. Peel red backing off tape and press onto windshield. Press firmly on all sides to assure a good bond
  • The installation position will not make the radar detector directly rays of the sun, so the radar detector that will not getting overheated or damaged on it and make your radar detector stealth. Note: Do not attempt to bend the mount while the detector is attached
  • The sticky part of this mount is gray colored (for industrial use) white and black colored is for the ordinary use only and may be not strong enough to hold the radar detectors and that may fall off in winter or summer time

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