Noa Store BBQ Grill Covers

Product Description

Preserve the life of your grill with Noa Store BBQ Grill Cover

This will keep your grill safe and protected and will prevent dust from entering effectively. It also protect your lovely grill from elements such as rain, snow or dirt.

  • It has sturdy straps to protect from high wind
  • Sturdy straps to protect from high wind
  • Easily secured with fitted center and long sides. Securely cover your grill to supply snug all-season protection
  • Appropriate for all weather conditions

  • Adjustable draw string lock in bottom for security
  • Heavy, durable and tough
  • Keeps grill look like new; prevents tearing

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  • Easy fasten with adjustable drawstring at bottom and the EZ-Lock on the string
  • Lightweight and easy to clean by just hosing or wiping
  • Made of waterproof high tech super thin latex lining and UV treated nylon
  • Fits Weber Jumbo Joe Gold 18" tabletop model

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