Noa Store 1 x Windshield Mount Bracket + 6 Black Cup Compatible with All Cobra Radar Detector Models

This is a specially designed, high-quality product (comes with 6pcs A grade, high quality suction cups and one specially designed mount bracket). The mount bracket and suction cups is perfectly fit, tight no wobble and will also not easily fall off in cold or hot weather.

  • This mount comes standard bent at a 45° angle; The metal is designed to bend without breaking; Adjust the angle so the detector is level with road when mounted
  • Compatibility: (All Newer Recent Cobra radar detector models) DSP-9200BT, SPX-5000, SPX-5300, SPX-5400, SPX-5500, SPX-6500, SPX-6655, SPX-6600, SPX-6700, SPX-7700, SPX-6500BT, SPX-6800BT, SPX-7800BT, SPX-900, SSR-50, SSR-80, ESD-6060, ESD-7000, ESD-7100, ESD-7330, ESD-7400, ESD-7570, ESD-8200, ESD-9000, ESD-9275, ESD-9290, ESD-737, ESD-767, ESD-777, ESD-787, ESD-900, ESD-9275, ESD-9290, ESR-755, ESR-800, XRS-747, XRS-757, XRS-777, XRS-888, XRS-950, XRS-970, XRS-9840, XRS-9845, XRS-9300, XRS-933
  • Not compatible: Cobra Vedetta Ultimate Detection Series

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